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St Hubertus Lodge
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If you have any general enquires or apology's then email the Lodge Secretary on Sec@Sthubertus.co.uk
Please email the Secretary for General enquires, the latest lodge summons & minutes & Apologies, to book Dining ONLY email the Ostensible Steward

Click Here - To book Dining with the Lodge Steward
or Email Dining@StHubertus.co.uk

Please include in the email Dining Numbers, Rank & Names, Dietry Requirments.
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Click Here - Opening the Lodge
Lodge Ritual - A Work in Progress & Before looking at that Higher Degree, Remember the words of the Charge after Initiation!!!
Click Here - Closing the Lodge
Click Here - Calling On / Off the Lodge
Click Here - Ceremony of Initiation
Click Here - Ceremony of Passing
Click Here - Ceremony of Raising
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Click Here - Toast to the Buyer of the Bottle
Misc Items
Click Here - Song Sheet for the Temple & Festive Board
Click Here - Opening the Lodge 2nd
Click Here - Opening the Lodge 3rd
Click Here - Address to the EA Apron (An ideal first short piece of Ritual to Learn)
Click Here - Obligation of a WM Elect
Click Here - PGL ByLaws
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