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If you are interested in becoming a Freemason just ask one!

There is a lot to read here! But its worth it so get a cuppa ready.

What is Freemasonry?
How can I become a Mason?
To become a Freemason you must:
* Be a man of at least 21 years of age (Dispensation can be obtained in special circumstances)
If you are a Woman interested in Freemasonry then Click here
*Be of good moral character
*Have a personal belief in a Supreme Being (GOD)
(the definition of a Supreme Being is a personal matter for each individual)
*Decide to become a Mason of "your own free will and accord" without expectation of any material gain or benefits
*Be loyal to your country
*Be dedicated to providing for your own family
*Have a sincere determination to conduct yourself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others
*Possess a desire to help others through community service and universal benevolence


Follow these steps:

Talk with someone you know who is a Freemason
If you do not know anyone who is a Mason, contact a Lodge in your local area as Masons do not solicit for members. You'll need to express your personal interest in joining Freemasonry.

Or Drop me an email: Craig

*Freemasonry can and often does take up a lot of your social time, therefore picking a night to attend a Lodge that suits you rather than the Lodge is of the greatest importance. There is no point in joining a Lodge if you are not able to get the full benefit of your subscription, this may include practice nights or days, Lodge meetings and we would hope you would support the social events. This also includes travel time, there are Lodges spread all over the country. There are Lodges that also meet during the day time, we can and will put you in touch with the right people.

You may be invited to meet with the Lodge Committee or selected Members to discuss your application and to answer your questions, this could be at the Masonic Hall, your own home or a members home or at a local pub or restaurant.

Subject to you being considered eligible and properly motivated you will be asked to complete an application for membership and return it to your local Lodge Secretary via your proposer.
Your application will be presented to a Lodge Meeting and a secret ballot conducted in which Members vote on your suitability. You will be notified of the result and invited to attend a Lodge Meeting for your initiation into Membership.

The corner stone upon which Freemasonry rests is that of Brotherly love, relief and truth. Put in more practical terms what does this mean?

Brotherly Love - consideration and concern for the welfare of like minded people and those for whom they hold responsibilities. Partners and families are the obvious ones but this can spread out into the community and places where people live and work.

Relief - awareness that your fellow man is not always successful in his endeavors, be it caused by a disaster as devastating as the Tsunami, which affects many, or as small as some misfortune which prevents an individual continuing to support himself and his family, whether temporarily or permanently. Whilst the method of handling such diverse instances may be different, it is the commitment of every Freemason that, as part of his life and membership of the Craft, he will continue to give whatever support he is able in the form of charitable giving. However, not all relief is about money. Freemasons also give of their time and effort in serving their community in a voluntary capacity, be it on hospital advisory boards, as school governors, helping youth groups etc., It is this spirit, this willingness to help another, which is central to the importance of a Freemasons membership.

Truth - It goes without saying that the basis of a stable society is one which is based on truth and respect for anotherís point of view. This does not mean we cannot disagree, but rather than be confrontational about conflicting opinions, we seek to work together to gain better understanding of each other. The one truth we all share, irrespective of our personal religion or cultural background is the belief in a Supreme Being.

Our Ceremonies

The ceremonies Freemasons practice in their lodges are referred to as rituals. Rituals are not peculiar to Freemasonry - they occur all around us in everyday life. Everything from handshakes to applause, from University graduation ceremonies to singing the national anthem at a football match can be considered rituals.
Rituals reinforce spiritual or social bonds through repetition and widespread use. Rituals transmit common experiences across time and connect modern society with the past. They often tell a story, give a message or simply re enforce the bonds between people.

Churches, Courtrooms, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides,  Weddings, Funerals, The Armed Forces Parades like Trooping the colour, Even Singing Happy Birthday, all use rituals that have been developed over the years. Freemasonry is no different.

Rituals like Baptism, Weddings or Funerals have an especially powerful effect on people. They imply the beginning or end of a physical or spiritual journey.

The Rituals in Freemasonry connect Freemasons down through the centuries, and knowing youíre going through the same experience that millions of other men around the world have gone through for hundreds of years is really quite mind blowing.

If you wish to find out more about Freemasonry please visit the United Grand Lodge of England Website. U.G.L.E

There are many books & publications which are available, if you contact us we will supply them to you or put you in touch with those that have them available.