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St Hubertus Lodge
Themed lodges have been proven to have a very high success rate as members have a common interest as well as Freemasonry. St Hubertus lodge will hopefully create an interest not only within the new membership but with candidates that wish to become freemasons and that also wish to get more out of Freemasonry, especially with meeting up with friends outside of lodge time. The sports of Hunting, shooting & fishing are quite often enjoyed more in a small or large group which can only be good for Freemasonry in general and the sports that we all enjoy.
To be a joining member you must have an interest in Shooting or Fishing. You must also have been initiated in a recognised U.G.L.E Lodge.

A clearance certificate will be required from any current or past lodge’s.

New Candidates for initiation will have to conform to the requirements of being a Freemason as well as have an interest in country pursuits.
St Hubertus Lodge is intended to be a traveling or peripatetic lodge, this is one that is not fixed to any particular Masonic Hall, meetings are held by dispensation and can be held at any Masonic Hall or suitable approved meeting place.

This means we can incorporate our hobbies even more. For example there is a Masonic Hall at Bisley which is the (NRA) National Rifle Associations shooting ground where the Olympic teams train.

Venues for meetings will be chosen by the Worshipful Master and then submitted to the Officers and brethren for approval, it would be enjoyable and a target to eventually go to every Masonic Hall that a member currently belongs.

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